Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Off

This is the first post of progress of my newest project, all about making home, but mini. I am doing this for a lot of reasons, but here's what I told the maker faire people about it. I will be showing the starts of my work at MAKER FAIRE coming up on the 25 +26th of this month. Come check it out

After 13 moves, 40 room mates, over 6 years, multi-disciplinary maker HKori Doty has explored the ideas surrounding home, the lessons learned in each one, and attempted to translate these abstract and elusive ideas and experiences into something that makes sense to them. Starting with 2 dimensions and working into the third, HKori’s project takes an inventory of “home” through the creation of miniatures of their past dwellings, integrating the lessons learned in each, into the construction of the models.

These photos are of the first stage of building the model of the first house I lived in on Georgia St. I picked it to start with because it was the most of a square. Stay tuned as I post more photos of the development of the 3d mini models and the stories to go along with them.

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