Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Georgia House #1- part 2

This is the first house I lived in on Georgia St in Vancouver. I lived there during 2008-9. I lived with a woman named Zinnia and her cats (to which I know no names- this was before I became a cat person). In fact I was so anti-cat I constructed a device that would scare the cats away from my room if they crossed a light sensor on the threshold. Who knew only a couple of years later I would be starting (and quickly abandoning) projects like transguyswithcats.

I got peanut salmonella while I lived here, from eating dumpstered Clif bars that had been recalled, trashed, picked up by Zinnia's date and then scarfed by me. Salmonella is gross shit. No thank you.

I started this model without a clear idea of what I would do at each step. This is the first prototype of the series essentially. It had been a while since I had made anything, and this one started my brain working back it the measuring, cutting, clamping, measuring, clamping, cutting, gluing, kinds of ways. It has consisted of mostly scavenged wood (some purchased scraps from homodepot), bristol and plastic that was both scavenged and from Urban Source on Main St. The front siding was a set of old wooden venetian blinds that my dad had in his burn pile.

I built some small furniture and painted the house with cheap kids acrylics. The colours and room scales are all to my own choosing, vaguely based on vagu-er memories. The living room seems huge compared to the other rooms, as it did. The bedroom seemed filled by the bed and large oak desk that had to have a leg removed to fit through the window to get it inside, as it does in the model. Some things, like closets and stairways were left out. The interiors of the 3 other suites in the building are left empty; not my homes. I left the side and rear walls partial/off for ease of seeing in and maneuvering things in the house.

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